I have been sewing most of my life. I created my first outfit at the age of 12, out of
my aunt's old curtains! Because of money being tight, I always had to find a creative way to stay trendy and stand out amongst my peers.
As a young mother, I found sewing to be a terrific outlet for my creativity and also a wonderful stress reliever.
I created most of my family's clothing, as well as adding my own personal flair to our homes by making curtains, bedspreads
and upholstering older furniture. I sewed for friends, and worked part-time evenings in a fabric store while my children were younger,
allowing me to be home with them during the day.

Once our children were in school,my career moved towards interior design - I spent the last decade as a kitchen designer.
I also have always had a "side job", being a vintage collectibles dealer. This evolved into my current vintage clothing business,
which allows me to be able to appreciate & enjoy the fabulous clothing design and quality from the past that I love!

My daughter Vanessa and I have jumped into this doll community with both feet and haven't looked back.
Vanessa is a repainter (starstudio), and has also designed my website, so that I can showcase my work.
I have also been involved in several collaborations with Vanessa, which can be seen on the collaborations page of the website.
I feel we have both found what we were really meant to do... Play with dolls for the rest of our lives!

These gorgeous dolls have given me a new focus, as well as an inner peace that I cannot fully explain.
I am the type of person who absolutely needs to have beautiful things around me, and these dolls are just that... beautiful!
They have also been influential in reducing stress and the negativity of daily life!

I am not sure that Robert Tonner can ever really know how much these dolls mean to collectors like myself...
but I would like to personally thank him for creating them!

Thank you for your interest in my passion!

2006 French Dressing - Paris
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